A path that helps us to gather the decisive power to transform ourselves through a process that gives purpose to our lives beyond the prevailing materialism, brings genuine happiness, and eventually reveals our awakened potential, can be qualified as spiritual. I believe meditation is such spiritual path.

One of the main topics in this blog will be, therefore, about meditation, but not so much about the technique as to how to live based on its principles. That is why I’m going to write also about current news, giving my opinion from a different perspective than the usually short-framed analysis of experts.

There is already an overwhelming amount of information about meditation coming from all kind of directions; from self-proclaimed gurus that promise one can get enlightened easily by following their methods, to rigorous and genuine traditions that continue practicing the traditional techniques that come mainly from the East.

Was then necessary another guy writing about meditation? Probably not. Yet, at the same time, we all have our unique point of view and experiences that may be useful to others, even if it is only to prevent them from falling into the same pits.

I have meditated daily for the last fourteen years, five of them as a “professional meditator” (if a Buddhist monk can be named so). It is from this modest yet sincere practice that I feel like having something worth to share with those of you interested in entering this ancient path. In saying this, I make no pretense of having attained any special state, not even a hint of our unlimited potential. Meditation is a life-time project and there is not magic bullet, but the earlier we start the earlier we can benefit from its practice.

If you tried to meditate before but felt this path was not for you, or you are meditating now but feel your practice stalled, you may also find helpful the fresh perspective I am about to offer in this blog.

If you decide that meditation is definitely not for you, but still like the approach of living a more simple and genuine life, discussing about mundane and spiritual issues, frugality, nature and much more, then you may still find this blog worth of your time.