I update this blog with a weekly periodicity, usually on Saturdays. The reason this post comes late is because this past weekend I was traveling in a region of Spain, Extremadura, I had never visited before. I went to a town called Ibahernando (also to Aldeacentenera), in the province of Cáceres, to receive the winning award of a literature contest (short stories) in the national category. The jury liked my story. We should focus on a character born in Extremadura and I took some of my chess knowledge to weave a story around Ruy Lopez, a sixteenth-century cleric who revolutionized chess tactics.

I sometimes send some of my stories to literary contests. This is the first time I win, which is always good for the beginner’s self-esteem. Don’t worry, in this I have my feet on the ground, and my ego will not grow dangerously fat. In Spain there are plenty of prizes, and this is one of the most humble.

The best experience was meeting the people of Extremadura (a region mostly rural) and some of those who came from other parts of Spain to participate in a workshop on literature. Personally, I learned a lot from each of the people I had the opportunity to speak.

Also, they lodged me in a truly beautiful and quiet hotel in Trujillo, and I didn’t miss the chance to do some sightseeing in a town proud to be the birthplace of Pizarro (I don’t go into judging the moral dimension of the conquistadors), as well as Caceres, the capital, with a large medieval old town perfectly preserved.

The funny thing was that the prize consisted of cold meat and cheese (Extremadura is well known for these items)… and I am vegan! Life has a peculiar (samsaric) sense of humor… at least I am still trying to see it in this way.