As they say, time flies, and this blog celebrates its first year of life: sixty posts, about one per week. Looking back I realize that, almost inadvertently, I have dedicated most to remember stories and anecdotes that might contain some teaching or food for reflection. About 200 readers per week (Spanish and English combined) is an interesting traffic, even surprising (would be so regardless of the data).

I remembered the birthday (and I’ll remember the future ones, if any) because I started the blog the week of the terrible tsunami in Japan (March 11, 2011). Then I wrote a post about the tragedy ignoring the casualties that occurred, and wishing the best to Japan. A year later we know that the victims were close to 20,000… Namo Amita Butsu (short Japanese Buddhist prayer).

As for the nuclear energy debate, now we must take also into consideration the demonstrations in Japan, the exclusion zones, the food suspected of being too radioactive, and specially the fear of living in a cocktail of nuclear power plants, earthquakes and tsunamis. Fact: 3,000 people work to date to prevent leaks in Fukushima … It’ll take 25 years to remove the fuel, and 15 more to dismantle the reactors … and “fortunately nothing happened.” Is there really anymore a debate?