This is the first post i reblog. A very sincere and deep search into the core of ourselves… thoughts about life, compassion, religion… from a Christian meditator who actually transcends labels.

Jyotir Vidya

August 5, 2010

I am supposed to be meditating.  but so many thoughts run through my mind.  My mouth is silent, but my mind, well, my mind is not so easy to silence.  It will take more than simple determination.  It will take practice.  Perhaps it is impossible.  Perhaps the mind does not get silent but simply still.  As Jon and I meditated this morning, both of us simply watching our breath (a technique sometimes known as anapana meditation), I found my mind wandering.  I would rein it back in, and then it would wander again.  After we finish Jonathan likens it to a potter’s wheel that spins out of control, so fast it is only a blur of color and shape.

Anapana meditation is like putting your hand out to stop it, you grab  it, and it burns your hand.  You must let go again, but the speed lessens…

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