Yesterday was a special day because I could experience those five minutes of fame we all eventually get in life.

As I said in a previous post, sometimes I submit my writings to literary contests. The council of a town at the north of Madrid (Moralzarzal) had organized one to which I sent one of my stories. It turned out I was called because my story was among the finalists. The eight authors had to go on a stage set up inside of a bull ring (!). Then, with the tension of the Oscar’s ceremony (relatively speaking), a woman began to open the envelope that had written inside my name! (she said it wrong so for a moment nobody knew whether she was referring to me).

Then came the applause, the envelope with the money, a little speech, an interview for the local television (picture), even signing the book! (they had already published it in advance).

I titled the story “A Tale of Children for Adults,” and in it the characters speak metaphorically about the importance of controlling the five desires that can never be satisfied (money, sex, fame, food and sleep). Fame seems the most innocuous of the list, but that is why it may be the most dangerous.

Next week I’ll pick up another award in Valencia, for a story that deals with the importance of not attaching to material things…  A message to the author? There you are to correct me…