In my last post I mentioned that I barely had any problem during my bike pilgrimage in Japan. However, once I came across a couple of ghosts.

One night, while looking for a place where to rest, I broke into an abandoned house through one of its open windows. While my eyes got used to the gloom inside, I tried to assess the suitability of the site. The room still had some rickety furniture and even a sort of small altar with a censer and a couple of photos. I decided to pick them up and go outside to see them under the light of a street light. I jumped out of the window, but when I reached the light I noticed the photos were not in my pocket. That surprised me a lot because the movement needed to jump out of the window was too simple to lose them.

I retraced my steps and found the photos just above the sill, reluctant to reveal their identity. This time I kept them in my hand and went back under the lamppost. Then, a shudder shook my whole body. They were the photos of two spooky women, one witch-like and the other one flabby and devoid of pupils. Besides, on the back walls of the room where those photos were taken, some pictures with evil beings could be distinguished.

I went back to throw the pictures inside, and escaped from that house reciting the mantra of great compassion. That night I slept with one eye open by the local temple. That experience would teach me an important lesson about choosing the right spots where to spend the nights. Never again in yin places!