In less than two days I had crossed Japan from north to south, connecting Tottori on the North Sea coast with Kobe on the Pacific coast. Both cities, coincidentally, had suffered terrible earthquakes a few years ago (Tottori in 2000 and Kobe in 1995).

Because of that, from some unknown spring of my unconscious, came to my mind frames of those Japanese movies I had watched in my childhood, with prehistoric monsters Godzilla-type awakening from a millennial lethargy that caused a tremendous havoc until they could be finally defeated by robots like Mazinguer Zeta.

It was then, while biking on that unstable geography, that I could understand the obsession of Japanese people with the destructive power of nature. In their films, that fear is sublimated by the appearance of robots capable of defeating the prehistoric monsters, dragons and huge apes.

However, that dream (that technology will eventually dominate the telluric forces) shattered as a result of those two earthquakes, plus the latest and most chilling, that at Fukushima, because they also found out (we all found out) another monster: the nuclear power plants.