It has taken me four years to write Sailors of Stonehenge, but it was worth the effort. I had to study prehistory, astronomy, archaeology, mythology, navigation… and to gain some knowledge about all these matters has been a reward in itself.

When I now contemplate the same starry sky our ancestors looked at with admiration, I feel it is a familiar landscape, as if suddenly I could bridge the millennia that separate us. And you too can have now a similar feeling after reading Sailors of Stonehenge, because you too will learn about all these subjects, regardless of whether or not you agree with the theories I put forward in it.

I wanted to include plenty of pictures and figures to make reading it more pleasant, and so I ended up inserting almost one illustration per page. I also chose a slightly larger format than the typical 9×6 inches to make it more roomy, and decided (against the advice of editors), to include footnotes wherever I thought it was necessary to clarify a point or to give additional information. My only purpose was to not lose any reader, and now you can tell me if I succeeded or failed.

If you think this is an interesting book, please lend it, or let others know about it. (Btw, I’d appreciate if you could stop by the Amazon page and leave a comment.) Thanks for helping, and I hope you’ll enjoy it!

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I also published it in Spanish, in case you prefer this option, as Marineros de piedra, signed with my full name (José Manuel Gómez Vega).

Just a warning note: Besides knowing the true history behind Stonehenge or Atlantis, Sailors of Stonehenge may change all your preconceived ideas about human history.