Rajgir Stupa on top of Vulture's Peak (photo by Anuradha Goyal)We parked the motorbike at the base of Vulture Peak, just at the entrance to the cable car that the Japanese built for easy access to the summit.

We decided to walk, and in less than an hour we reached the holy cave and platform, smaller than imagined. My friend lit several candles, burned some incense, and then we sat there to meditate. Finally, after having tried for so many days, I was granted access to the sacred mountain.

I wondered if my involuntary fasting (because of the diarrhea) would not be related to a need to get access to these sacred places with a purified body.

We continued climbing to the very top of the mount, where the Japanese also built a huge stupa, and from where the views were magnificent.

“I make my living building stupas like this,” said the biker while we walked around the stupa three times clockwise, “in California!”

Quite someone, I thought.