After a restful sleep, the next morning we went out for breakfast and to buy some clothes to protect us from the chilly weather.

As I stepped into the street, and took the first breath of fresh air, I suddenly regained my vitality. It seemed almost a miracle. The weakness and slight fever that had been accompanying me since I put my orange sport shoes in Delhi completely disappeared. I regained my appetite, and even the joy of the trip.

The English chose Darjeeling as a resort to take shelter from the rigor of the plains. My miraculous recovery proved their choice wise. Darjeeling is one of those towns hung on a mountain slope, over the void. The views are breathtaking, specially those from Tiger Hill. The golden-white wall that in the distance rises to the heaven is the Kangchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world (after Mount Everest and K2).

Tempting as it was to hike in the mountains, I was not interested in doing tourism, or in socializing with the many travelers who come to Darjeeling attracted by its natural beauty. Instead, I went to visit the many Tibetan temples, known as Gompas, settled there after the Chinese invasion of Tibet.