61018000Jesus was born on July 25, 7 BC.

Just give me five minutes to explain how I figured it out.

My mother called me to watch a TV show with a bunch of serious scholars claiming they had found the true date of Jesus’s birth. What I heard left me dumbfounded: they were unable to see the most evident symbolism!

Afterwards I did my own calculation and, at breakfast next morning, I told my mother that Jesus was born on 25th, not of December but of July. Jesus was born in summer, not in the year 0 but in the year 7 before Christ (obviously, before the date arbitrarily chosen to start our modern calendar). Then I explained her my reasoning – very simple when we know three symbolic keys – and I even think I managed to convince her, since she stopped chewing.

Those three keys are:

1) The three Biblical Magi who arrived from the East were three luminaries: they always move across the sky from east to west.

2) The gifts (gold, frankincense, and myrrh) reveal the three luminaries (among the seven possible: Sun, Moon, and five visible planets). The association between gold and the Sun needs no further explanation. Myrrh was a substance used to embalm the dead, so it had to represent that complementary of life-day-Sun; hence, myrrh symbolizes death-night-Moon (black King Balthazar). And frankincense? The only planet that comes close to the symbolism of a fragrant smoke is Mercury, a liquid metal able to amalgamate gold and silver (Sun and Moon). So we have identified the three Wise Men coming from the East: the Sun, the Moon and, amalgamating both, Mercury.

3) The birth of Jesus took place in a manger between an ox and a mule. Is there anything similar in the sky? Indeed! Visible to the naked eye, there is a cluster of stars in Cancer constellation called Praesepe, Latin for Manger! Moreover, this cluster is between two stars named Asellus Borealis & Asellus Australis, Latin for Northern Donkey & Southern Donkey. So we also know where to place the three Magi: in Cancer.

As you are about to see in the following picture, these three keys suffice to find out the true date of Jesus’ birth. I just had to look for those conditions in the sky above Bethlehem. There is only one possible date: July 25, 7 BC.

birth dateAt the dawn of that date, the Moon was “walking” on Cancer, while the Sun came a few steps behind, on Leo (notice that each luminary was on its traditional sign).

Moreover, the Sun was transiting over the brightest star of Leo: Regulus, Latin for Little King, announcing the birth of, indeed, a very special “little king.”

The “horns of the Moon” illuminated the celestial Manger with its two Donkeys, and that’s why a donkey became an ox.

As predicted, Mercury was walking in between the two “parental” luminaries.

The Bible says that a striking star guided the Magi to Bethlehem, a hamlet near Jerusalem. On that date, there was a striking conjunction of luminaries in the sky. So we have also solved the riddle of the Star of Bethlehem: It was the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction that took place ahead of the three Wise Men who came from the East.

That conjunction occurred in Pisces, the sign of the new Age. Hence, the Star of Bethlehem also announced the Age of Pisces, and that’s why the Church chose the fish as a symbol for Jesus. Another symbol was the lamb, indicating the birth of a new order continuation of the previous one of Aries, represented by the ram.

On the other side of the sky, the Northern Cross  or Cygnus constellation (the Swan) was setting over the western horizon, resembling a huge cross stuck on the ground. Somehow, the sky also showed the symbol of Jesus’ death toward the west, the symbol of the religion that would be founded after his teachings. The situation of the Northern Cross in the sky would also serve as a template for the layout (cross-shape) and orientation (E-W) of the Christian temples.

There are more significant elements in the sky of that date, such as the Milky Way stretching east to west, or the heliacal rising of Sirius, the brightest night-star.

I have used this kind of astronomical interpretation to unravel many mysteries of the past. Who built Stonehenge? Did the fabled Atlantis exist? You can find the answers in Voyage Zero (US link; UK link).